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In reference to historical studies, Meng Sen once observed that rather than making ungrounded speculations, scholars should resort to the words from "ermu xiangji zhi ren", people who had witnessed or heard about the incident, as primary sources.
This article explores the records concerning Mao Wenlong written by those ermu xiangji zhi ren, especially the two so-called shishi xiaoshuo, novels on current events, that came out in the wake of Mao's death: Xinjuan xiuxiang tongsu yanyi liaohai danzhong lu (Recently engraved illustrated popular elaboration of the loyal deeds in Liaodong; hereafter, Danzhong lu) and Zhenhai chunqiu (Chronic1es of guarding the sea).
Also, both works were composed by the eyewitnesses referred to by Meng Sen as ermu xiangji zhiren.