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ERNEritrean Nakfa (ISO currency code)
ERNEuropean Rivers Network
ERNError-Related Negativity (EEG recording)
ERNEmergency Response Network
ERNElectronic Remittance Notice (US Medicare)
ERNEncyclopedia of Religion and Nature (Continuum International)
ERNEngineering Release Notice
ERNExternal Recurrent Neural Network
ERNEstação Radionaval (Portugal)
ERNEquipment Revenue Note (New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority)
ERNErasure Relay Network (network with binary erasure channels)
ERNExtended-Release Niacin
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Eric and Little Ern is a proverbial game of two halves, with the first half heavy with reminiscing, punctuated by wry one-liners and the wonderful Greig Piano Concerto skit, and the second a much more pacy, razzle-dazzle Morecambe and Wise performance in front of the red curtain.
Leveraging the understanding of which consumers on a marketer's email list are socially active, the ERN allows marketers to understand the email topics that are driving the greatest interest among the marketer's socially active consumers.
While the self-affirmation and non-affirmation groups showed similar brain activity when they answered correctly, self-affirmed participants showed a significantly higher ERN when they made an error.
By rights Young Ern should have been called Young-Un, but there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the line.
ERN numbers can be found on correspondence from HMRC relating to PAYE.
In the case of Islam, for instance, one would expect any encyclopedia on religion and nature to include a major entry on hima, the protected pasture; ERN does not.
Also, members of law enforcement, the business community, and the general public can use the ERN to contact the FIG and provide information of potential interest.
Founded in 2000 by former PE teacher Phil Huntley, ERN is the fastest growing division within the Meridian Group.
The Southern Hemisphere's first caviar business was launched in 1999, when ERN founder Javier Alcalde came across a Russian study suggesting that Australia and Uruguay could cultivate sturgeon.
ERN amplitudes on the emotion-flanker task showed a highly significant negative correlation with PCL-R scores.
To initiate their first exposure to individual stocks, the Hills purchased Southwest ern Bell Communications (NYSE: DSW), Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT).