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ERNExtended-Release Niacin
ERNEritrean Nakfa (ISO currency code)
ERNÉcole Royale Navale (French: Royal Naval School; Morocco)
ERNEuropean Rivers Network
ERNEntreprise Régionale de Nettoyage (French: Regional Cleaning Company)
ERNError-Related Negativity (EEG recording)
ERNEmergency Response Network
ERNEmployers' Reference Number (various locations)
ERNElectronic Remittance Notice (US Medicare)
ERNEncyclopedia of Religion and Nature (Continuum International)
ERNÉdition Régionale Nord (French: North Regional Edition)
ERNExcise Reference Number (Ireland)
ERNEnvironmental Regulatory Number
ERNEducation Recruitment Network (UK)
ERNEngineering Release Notice
ERNExternal Recurrent Neural Network
ERNEstação Radionaval (Portugal)
ERNErasure Relay Network (network with binary erasure channels)
ERNEquipment Revenue Note (New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority)
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According to Ern, who was in the Fleet Air Arm during the war, he looked after two Spitfires down in Somerset after he'd trained near Cannock Chase.
Gwyneth and Ern, who also worked as a crane driver in Brymbo Steelworks, have four children - Anne, 69, Vera, 61, Robert, 58 and Phillip, 56 - five grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
demonstrated that this story is nearly as fictional as Ern himself.
Severe depression has been associated with a reduced distinction between incorrect and correct trials and this has been reflected in smaller ERN amplitudes among people with depression when compared with healthy people (Schrijvers et al.
The ERN is a negative-going waveform observed in scalp-recorded EEG when humans make errors in a variety of speeded reaction time (RT) tasks.
Trevor Francis appearing on stage with Ern, while I turn out in Birmingham City strip?
As you look at the changing two halves, bear in mind that all letters are entries in dictionaries and hence qualify as words, that ERN is a variant spelling for a long-winged species of sea eagle, that a PASTER is someone who pastes, and that an RN is a registered nurse:
The researchers further hypothesized that these effects on attention and emotion could be measured directly in the form of a well-known brain response called error-related negativity, or ERN.
The best horses to carry Kentish's colours were Young Ern and Young Mick, the Margarson-trained horse who was one of the stars of the 2006 Flat season when winning ten times, including the Duke of Edinburgh Handicap at Royal Ascot, Shergar Cup Challenge and Group 3 Cumberland Lodge Stakes.
But Acting CEO of the Minerals Council, Sue Ern Tan, said there is still a long road ahead.
The portrayal of Little Ern as a ventriloquist''s dummy was also inspired, and the way it was done showed a real love between these two great family entertainers.