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ERNEEnergetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electron Experiment
ERNEEDRN (Early Detection Research Network) Resource Network Exchange (US NCI)
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Rivers Agency Chief Executive David Porter said: "A combination of generation and spilling at the hydro-electric power stations at Cliff and Ballyshannon in Donegal is ongoing to ensure water can leave the Erne system as quickly as it can flow down to the dams.
Mark H Durkan said: This funding will be a real boost for tourism and local people in the Lough Erne area.
Its location on Lough Erne is one of the world's most beautiful resort settings, and the hotel compliments it by blending traditional country house style with modern amenities and facilities, not to mention a world-class golf course.
Why, we might wonder for example, has no one compiled the publication records of early modern playwrights as Erne does to great effect?
Erne himself is as careful a scholar as you are likely to encounter, the Mr.
But the 10-point document, released after two days of talks at Lough Erne, falls short of the demands of anti-poverty campaigners, who want the developing world included in the new arrangements from the start and have called for tax information to be made available to all on public registers.
Commitments in the G8 Lough Erne Declaration could provide a blueprint for improving the fight against corruption and tax avoidance.
While noting the importance of uniting labor at the European level, Erne is also attentive to the substantial obstacles standing in the way of such a goal.
Meanwhile, Jerone Erne, a partner in an agency called Joy Group in the Netherlands, had clicked on one of Arnold's banner ads, resulting in his becoming one of Arnold's first clients.
After a 90-minute drive from Belfast to the beautiful Fermanagh lakelands in the west of the country, we were winding our way up the immaculate drive to the five-star Lough Erne Golf Resort.
At the Lough Erne Golf Resort in Northern Ireland, however, I assured her there's as much for non-players as there is for those who like their regular dose of 18 holes.
Erne also explains the value of annotations, collations, footnotes, and introductions, and attends to complicated questions of canon selection and play titling.