ERNIEquipment Recycling Network Inc. (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia)
ERNIEarly Response to Neural Induction
ERNIEnhanced Routing Network Interconnect
ERNIExpert Report on Napalm and Other Incendiaries (UN)
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17 percent of organizations have a formal ERNI training and awareness program.
ERNI Electronics announces its MicroSpeed connectors in a variety of heights.
ERNI has introduced its MicroSpeed[TM] Power Modules with 2.
ERNI has expanded its single-row cable connector system with a pitch of 1.
ZeBu-Personal accommodates the same in-circuit-emulation (ICE) interface and the same speed-bridges supported by ZeBu-UF for protocols such as PCI, PCI-X, video, audio and ICE connectors, including Mictor, ERNI and Samtech.
ERNI offers a press-fit version of its vertical D-sub series connectors for modern I/O interfaces, available in a 6.
ERNI is now distributing a 36-page color catalog offering listings of its enclosures, connectors, systems, tools and presses.
ERNI has introduced RJ45 connectors that meet the high demands in modern data networks.
ERNI offers a product that may help solve the problem posed by high pin-count hard-metric (HM) connectors and the need for precision connector mating combined with sufficient play between subrack guide rails and printed-circuit board (PCB) cards.
ERNI has launched a design for angled D-Sub connectors in pressfit technology.
Newly elected is Michael Munroe, Strategic Marketing Manager at ERNI Components, as Secretary-Treasurer for the organization.
ERNI has announced cage clamp connection options for its Profibus and CanBus Series fieldbus connectors.