ERNIEquipment Recycling Network Inc. (Ringwood, Victoria, Australia)
ERNIEarly Response to Neural Induction
ERNIEnhanced Routing Network Interconnect
ERNIExpert Report on Napalm and Other Incendiaries (UN)
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17 percent of organizations have a formal ERNI training and awareness program.
An percent cited regulatory requirements or expectations as most strongly influencing their organization's interest in ERNI.
28VDC power input is available through a 12 pin ERNI connector and up to 12 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports are available via two 80pin ERNI connectors.
A custom designed front-end board only containing three female ERNI connectors for power, Ethernet magnetics and chosen connectors relevant for the given application is required in order to build a final switch product.
The ERNI Electronics, Inc product line available from Mouser Electronics boasts a wide variety of solutions for today's design engineers.
ERNI Electronics entire product range is manufactured with advanced manufacturing techniques and strict quality standards, leveraging over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of electronic components.
ERNI Group is a connector manufacturer, as well as a cable assembly service provider, with fabricating services in Switzerland, Germany, China and USA.
ZeBu-Personal accommodates the same in-circuit-emulation (ICE) interface and the same speed-bridges supported by ZeBu-UF for protocols such as PCI, PCI-X, video, audio and ICE connectors, including Mictor, ERNI and Samtech.
ERNI Licht-Technik AG has seen success on all five continents, proving reliability under all climatic conditions.
New products from ERNI include the IL 263 THR/RWE combined runway end/threshold inset lights.
Newly elected is Michael Munroe, Strategic Marketing Manager at ERNI Components, as Secretary-Treasurer for the organization.