ERNICEarnings-Related National Insurance Contributions (UK; taxes)
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(21) Emie Regehr, "Comments from Ernic Regehr", in Semegnish Asfaw, Guillermo Kerber and Peter Weiderud, The Responsibility to Protect, p.
"Everybody uses EAS systems, which are fine, but if you're looking at them as your primary driver of your product-protection initiatives, you're really going to miss the boat," says Ernic Deyle, vice president of loss prevention at Woonsocket, R.I.-based drug chain CVS.
The facts presented are not only etic (objective, empirical, analytic) but ernic (subjective, experiential)--spiritually understood insider logical representations of such irreducible facts as suffering, mortality, and existential aloneness, the problems religion was invented to explain.