ERNKEniya Rizgariya Netewa Kurdistan (National Liberation Front of Kurdistan)
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Cephe teskilatlanmasini ERNK (Eniya Rizgariya Netewayi Kurdistan/ Kurdistan Ulusal Kurtulus Cephesi) ile saglayan PKK, orgute katilim, sehir ve kir eylemlerini orgutlemek, maddi gelir saglamak, istihbarat temin etmek, propaganda faaliyetlerinde bulunmak gibi onemli gorevler ustlenmis ve Turkiye icinde ve disinda, ozellikle Avrupa'da, teskilatlanmistir.
The PKK would never do something like this," said Kiha Semsi, the PKK's Balkan representative, who operates in Greece from the offices of the group's political wing, known as the ERNK.
There is definitely a strong PKK hard core in this new parliament, with 12 representatives of ERNK, the so-called political wing of PKK, including such heavyweights as Ali Sapan, its spokesman for Europe and the real strong man of the new parliament: Sherafettin Kaya, it newly elected speaker and a wealthy Kurdish businessman of the DEP, who is quite close to the PKK.