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EROEnforcement and Removal Operations (US DHS)
EROEuropean Radiocommunications Office
EROEuropean Research Office
EROEquipment Repair Order (USMC)
EROEarly Release Observation
EROEvent-Related Oscillations
EROEuropean-American Rights Organization (pro-white group)
EROExponential Rate Optimal (test)
EROEastern Rehabilitation Organization (Sri Lanka)
EROElectronics Readiness Officer
EROEarned Run Out (Pool; break and run table)
EROEuropean Racing Organisation
EROEngines Running On-Load/Off-Load
EROErrored input from other systems queue
EROEarly Retirement Option
EROExplicit Route Object (protocol)
EROEdge Roll-Off (silicon wafer geometry)
EROEmergency Restraining Order
EROEngineered Refueling Overhaul (US Navy)
EROElectronic Return Originator (US Internal Revenue Service)
EROEuropean Risk Observatory (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)
EROEmergency Response Organization
EROElectric Reliability Organization
EROElectoral Registration Officer
EROExport Regulations Office (IBM Corp.)
EROEmployee Relations Officer
EROEducation Review Office (New Zealand)
EROEastern Regional Office
EROEnterprise Resource Optimization
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To implement a centralized file replication and synchronization solution, ERO International is deploying Packeteer's iShared systems.
The most instructive observations in the article are those that call for federal regulators to require the ERO to periodically review all standards and to modify its guidelines for investigating reliability events so that they stress human factors and corporate support of operational personnel; to impose on the ERO and the industry requirements for creating, collecting, and publishing more transparent reliability metrics; and to institute a "best-practices" organization outside of the ERO's standards and compliance organization.
The ERO is just one of a number of avenues and we strongly advise anyone facing financial difficulty to seek professional advice.
Photo: NASA, ESA, the Hubble SM4 ERO Team, and ST-ECF)" width="428" />
Adhere to the duties of an ERO after submitting the return, including recordkeeping and documentation requirements, resubmission of rejected returns, acknowledgement of transmitted returns data, the use of Form 9325, Acknowledgement and General Information for Taxpayers Who File Returns Electronically, and sending paper signatures and attachments using Form 8453, Individual Income Tax Declaration for an IRS E-File Return.
In the most positive sense, Eros opens us to new possibilities; our partner brings out our best, most creative traits.
In a supplementary note titled "The Articles of Faith" (2003), Elder emphasizes that, "Eros and Wonder is a film about transformations--about transformations of imagery; about history as transformation; about eros as a transformative power; about that old Eisensteinian idea of collage and montage as transformation; but most of all, about the transformations of the self.
Because Eros is irregularly shaped, a 9-km line through the asteroid from the impact site can reach some locations that would be farther away for a surface traveler.
8 BURN (OR, THE 2ND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS) (BRADLEY EROS) A vertical section of found footage of a stripper melts as Eros burns the film before our eyes, to the sound of Scorsese taxi driver Travis Bickle describing the "filthy mass" of pimps, prostitutes, and hoodlums who pour into New York's streets at night.
Eros Aluminium also offers a comprehensive maintenance service, from door and window repairs through to installation of replacement glass, handles, closers etc.
I WAS interested to read about the statue of Eros being replaced on the Shaftesbury Fountain, in Sefton Park.
How does eros enable the human stretch toward transcendence, and what sort of transcendence is imagined and hoped for in this stretch?