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EROSExtremely Reliable Operating System
EROSEelam Revolutionary Organization of Students (est. 1975)
EROSElaboration of Reactions for Organic Synthesis
EROSElectric Resonance Optothermal Spectrometer
EROSEarth Resources Observation and Sciences
EROSExperimental Reflector Orbital Shot
EROSEnvironment and Radar Operations Simulator
EROSEmergency Restriction Of Speed (UK network rail operated infrastructure)
EROSEarth Resources Observation Satellite
EROSEarth Resources Observation System
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Niranjan Gidwani, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Eros Group
Eros Group is today standing tall as an organisation with more than Dh4.
The most thorough reading of the novel to date, Myers's book Bareface, though admirable in many ways, only hints at the crucial role that Venus and Eros really play in the novel.
The drastic fall in TV prices did not translate into large numbers for Eros.
Eros Hotel too issued a statement claiming it didn't receive any notice.
But Eros maintained that the release of "OSO" is nothing to do with the release of "ETT".
EROS Co-Director, veteran actor Fitz Houston, points out another incident that reveals Punch TV commitment to the spirit of independent television, “It was 3:00 a.
Interestingly, the casual entry of the CEO of Eros into the store goes seemingly unnoticed by his team of energetic salespeople.
EROS calls heavily on MMR's experience in sensory science and its ability to screen consumers for sensory perception and an ability to articulate their sensory experiences.
The presence of eros and thanatos in sentimental fiction as Sears understands it thus becomes clear enough; her reference to the muse of history, however, must be understood negatively--Clio's significance lies in her absence.
70) A significant number of feminist writers have turned their attention to the centrality of eros in personal identity, relationships, social ethics and politics.