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Investigations showed that at around 1:21 a.m., Erot was driving his tricycle along J.P.
The manufacturer is testing the eRot concept with a view to bringing the technology to market in the medium to long term.
Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), is going ahead with plans to produce 'eROT', an innovative suspension system that generates electricity.
The very decision to go to Cnidus on the part of the three friends is framed as a desire to see the temple of Aphrodite: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (And so, we decided to make a move to Cnidus to see especially the temple of Aphrodite--celebrated as having a lovely example of Praxiteles' dexterity, Erot. 11.1).
An elderly Indonesian woman famed nationwide for supernatural skills in lengthening male organs has died, reports said yesterday.Reclusive Mak Erot, famed for member extension treatment, died last week in Caringin village on the western coast of Java island.
Erot." Il s'agit du dialogue intitule Les Amours, qu'on ne croit pas authentique.
They include images of death and joy, the sacred and the erot ic and profane, the exotic and the mundane.
Sintonen (1990), "Sairaaloiden tuottavuus: Mittaaminen, erot ja kehitys", Vol.
The automaker has named the system, the eROT (electromechanical rotary dampers).
The eROT (electromechanical rotary damper) replaces a traditional hydraulic damper that would normally release stored energy in the form of heat as the car travels over imperfections in the road.