ERPACEjercito Revolucionario Popular y Anticomunista (Spanish: Anti-Communist Popular Revolutionary Army)
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The father and a cousin of Martin Llanos were captured since the AUC demobilization, while the ex-AUC commander continued to control drug and arms trafficking routes from Colombia''s eastern plains to Venezuela competing with other groups like the FARC, ELN and ERPAC.
The lab was run by the Antisubversive Popular Army of Colombia, known as ERPAC, a paramilitary drug gang operating over a large part of central Colombia, Perez said.
Chuchillo was one of the three most wanted criminals in the country and the leader of a 1,000-strong paramilitary group, the People's Antiterrorist Revolutionary Army of Colombia (ERPAC).
Un aspecto importante del informe es que esa oficina ha recibido informacion acerca de la existencia de nuevos grupos paramilitares que actuan de forma similar a las antiguas AUC, con estructura, jerarquia y capacidad de control de territorio, como: "Ejercito Revolucionario Antiterrorista de Colombia" (ERPAC), y "Autodefensas Campesinas Nueva Generacion" (AC-NG).
In December 2011, part of the ERPAC surrendered and a large number of the demobilizing forces were not prosecuted or received light sentences.