ERPGElectronic Role Playing Game
ERPGEmergency Response Planning Guideline
ERPGEpping Residents for Principled Government (New Hampshire)
ERPGEuropean Regional Policy Group (environmental policy group; UK)
ERPGEnvironmental Response Planning Guidelines (hazardous chemical exposure limits; American Industrial Hygiene Association)
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We have spent significant time over the last few years looking at the global dynamics in the healthcare manufacturing industry, and we believe the combination of ERPG and K&W creates a global leader in this market," said Andrew Brickman, a partner with Baird Capital Partners.
Comments: ATP ERPG offers exceptional capabilities in the design and manufacture of molded components for the medical devices, surgical instruments and pharmaceutical markets.
For each chemical of interest, three 1-hour ERPG levels are calculated: one level to protect against mild, transient effects or odor, a second level to protect against reversible effects which do not impair escape ability, and a third level to protect against effects which are not life-threatening.