ERPIÉditions du Renouveau Pédagogique Inc. (French)
ERPIEjercito Revolucionario Popular Insurgente (Spanish: People's Insurgent Revolutionary Army; political group; Mexico)
ERPIElectrical Research Products Incorporated
ERPIEnterprise Resource Performance, Inc. (est. 2001; various locations)
ERPIEnterprise Resource Planning Integration
ERPIEconomic Regeneration Performance Indicators (Australia)
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ERPI collected business and government data from participating tribes, compiled the data and then extrapolated it to all Oklahoma tribes on a per citizen basis in order to capture total tribal spending, business revenues and employment figures.
The ERPI is a splinter group of the Ejercito Popular Revolucionario (EPR), both organizations that Silva Nogales helped found.
In announcing the arrests of the guerrilla leaders, authorities said they uncovered evidence that the ERPI was planning terrorist attacks in strategic locations to disrupt the presidential and congressional elections.
Wilfrido Robledo, commissioner of the federal police (Policia Federal Preventiva, PFP), said the ERPI had targeted attacks in Mexico City, Morelos, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and Mexico, states during the elections scheduled for July 2, 2000.
Significance of arrests debated But other experts said the government was placing too much significance on the arrest of the ERPI leaders.
One characteristic of the EPR and the ERPI is that neither depends on one individual leader," said Gutierrez, who covers Guerrero for the daily newspaper La Jornada.
Gutierrez also disputed the government's attempt to portray the ERPI as an organization that does not support the electoral process.
New customers included American Re-Insurance Company, Banque Directe (France), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, The Boeing Company, Concert Management Services, The Detroit Edison Company, ERPI Sante (France), Marriott International, New York State Division of Criminal Justice, Northern Ireland Electric (Ireland), Sekisui Chemical (Japan), University of Melbourne (Australia), State Fund Mutual Insurance and Vattenfall (Sweden).