ERPMEnterprise Random Password Manager (Lieberman Software)
ERPMEnterprise Retail Process Management
ERPMEnvironmental Restoration Program Manager
ERPMEastern Region Public Media (Kensington, MD; formerly Eastern Public Radio.)
ERPMEngine Revolutions per Minute
ERPMEnterprise Resource Planning & Management
ERPMEffective Reports Proposals and Memos
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Thus, there was a main effect of infant age, with mirroring increasing from the first to the second month ([X.sup.2] (1) = 53.123, p < .001; ERPM M(SE): 1st mo nth = 0.18(0.04);2nd month = 0.65(0.13)), and there was also a significant interaction between group and infant age ([X.sup.2] (1) =22.116, p < .001).
The ERPM Division provides executive policy development and operational personnel support services to the Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Level (SL) and General Schedule political appointees.
ERPM automatically locates every privileged account in the enterprise, frequently changes each account's password to a unique and complex value, and deploys the password changes wherever they are used in the data center.
It is agreed that the scheduled Examination for Register to Practice Medicine (ERPM) to be held on August 1, would be conducted on the present formula subject to conditions that the index should be re-issued to the candidates with changed one to the alphabetical order.
With this new integration all ERPM password check-out/check-in and credentials changes are visible in Q1 Labs' QRadar, as are successful and failed password verifications.
Lieberman Software s flagship product is ERPM, the first privileged identity management solution to automate the tasks to locate, inventory, organize and manage the thousands of privileged account passwords dispersed throughout customer datacenters.
Its ERPM is able to discover and secure all assets within a cloud infrastructure, granting appropriate, audited, role based access automatically, with access to those assets controlled from any supported directory service.
ERPM, South Africa's oldest gold mine, was forced to close after gold prices plummeted nine months ago but has restarted operations after its sale to a black empowerment group in mid-January.
There are hundreds of Malawians at the East Rand Platinum Mines (ERPM) in Germistone, hundreds of Mozambicans at St.