ERPOExtreme Risk Protection Order (gun violence protection)
ERPOExamination, Recruitment and Placement Office (Philippines)
ERPOExtramural Research Program Office (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control)
ERPOEuropejski Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich (Polish: European Ombudsman)
ERPOEmergency Restoration Project Office
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"Further evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of ERPO policies in California and other jurisdictions where they have been enacted would be helpful," the authors write.
The target of the ERPO may or may not have the wherewithal and resolve to fight to the end, and even if it looks like the accuser was manipulating things, they will still get full due process if charged with a crime.
Critics of these ERPOs, also known as "Red Flag Laws," have raised Fourth Amendment concerns but anti-gunners are salivating at the prospect of disarming as many citizens as possible.
ERPO laws provide a focused and time-limited mechanism for restricting gun access for those who are at risk of self-harm.
At present, Washington, California, Connecticut and Oregon (which recently enacted it) have the ERPO law in place.
Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, sponsored Senate Bill 719, which creates similar Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or ERPOs, in Oregon.
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WEST COAST FRANCHISE ERPO Oct.15-17 Los Angeles, California Contact: MFV Expositions Tel:[1] (201) 226-1130 Fax:[1] (201) 226-1131
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