ERQEducational Research Quarterly (journal)
ERQEmotion Regulation Questionnaire (psychophysiology)
ERQEd's Redeeming Qualities (band)
ERQÉglise Réformée du Québec (French: Reformed Church of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
ERQEmployee Rights Quarterly (journal)
ERQEngineering Review Questionnaire
ERQEconomic Repair Quantity
ERQEducational Resources Questionnaire (student opinion survey)
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Abdullah, to get the National Women Committee to join ERQ, an umbrella for pro-women organizations, in obtaining a copy of the draft constitution and coming up with comments on the draft.
Regarding its association with the ERQ, a positive moderate correlation was found with reappraisal, but no significant link was found with the suppression subscale.
El Cuestionario de Regulacion Emocional ERQ fue administrado en formato impreso.
Se aplico un ANOVA siendo el factor independiente el nivel de uso de cada mecanismo obtenido por la herramienta 'rank--SPSS' y se ingreso como variable dependiente el valor alcanzado en la escala ERQ para cada mecanismo.
One bilingual Chinese-English person translated the English version of the ERQ and the Big Five into Chinese.
And ERQ is a 10-item questionnaire, which is designed to assess individual differences in the habitual use of two emotion regulation strategies: cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression.
When a fresh e-learner logins emotion compensation system, she would complete three questionnaires (Big Five, ERQ and NMR-S).
Located in the Western Desert, Egypt, ERQ is the company's largest producing asset.
The ERQ assesses individual differences in the habitual use of two emotion regulation strategies: cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression (Gross & John, 2003).
The trait measures consisted of the subscales of the TCP instrument (direct personalization, stress reaction, persecution feelings, positive relational consequences, negative relational consequences, and conflict valence; Hample & Dallinger, 1995), the BEQ (positive expressivity, negative expressivity, and impulse strength; Gross & John, 1997), and the ERQ (cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression; Gross &John, 2003).
El afrontamiento directo, busqueda de apoyo social, la reevaluacion, la distraccion, la regulacion fisiologica activa y autoreconfortarse, el autocontrol, la expresion regulada se asociaron positivamente al rasgo de reevaluacion, medido con el ERQ (vease tabla 4).
Se asociaron a la reevaluacion del ERQ, asi como a la baja alexitimia y bienestar psicologico en el caso de la reevaluacion.