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ERRError Queue
ERREpic Rock Radio (Internet radio)
ERREuropean Respiratory Review (European Respiratory Society)
ERRError Log File
ERREmployment Responsibilities and Rights
ERREquipment Repair Request
ERREconomic Rate of Return
ERREstrogen-Related Receptor (biochemistry)
ERREastern Railroad
ERRExpected Rate of Return (finance/accounting)
ERRElectronic Reading Room
ERREmployee Rights and Responsibilities
ERREngineering Release Record
ERRExtended Resource Room (education)
ERRElastic Round Robin
ERREpileptic Recruiting Rhythm
ERRExtended Range Rocket
ERRExhaustive Round Robin
ERREqual, Round and Reactive (pupils)
ERREmergency Response Roster
ERRElite Redbone Rangers (gaming clan)
ERREquivalent Range Rate
ERREngineering Review Report
ERREngineering Revision Request
ERREconomic Retention Requirement
ERREmergency Regional Reporting (System)
ERREquipment Restricted Route
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"We see an instance of Coleridge's liability to err, in his 'Biographia Literaria'--professedly his literary life and opinions, but, in fact, a treatise de omni scibili et quibusdam aliis.
Bernard Cherry appeals his conviction as a felon in possession of a firearm on the ground that the district court erred by not giving the jury his proposed "innocent possession" instruction.
To the extent the trial court erred because the minor did not testify and her recent complaints of sexual abuse were admitted, any error was found harmless given the evidence of guilt.
If FDA officials err on the side of over-caution and either disapprove or delay the approval of a drug that is both safe and effective, the victims are invisible.
With a $14 uptick in ERR, it has stymied occupancy growth a bit with only a 0.9 percentage point increase and absorption of 1,929 units.
According to ERR, Trelleborg is due to complete its new production building on the island of Saaremaa in March this year.
MCC used different time frames and methods to calculate ERRs for its compacts with Armenia, El Salvador, Lesotho, and Mozambique.
Although ERr 731 has been available in Germany for several years, it is still relatively unknown on this side of the Atlantic, Dr.
The special extract from the roots of Rheum rhaponticum (L.), referred to as ERr 731[R] (trade name Phytoestrol[R] N), has been regularly prescribed for climacteric complaints since 1993, without the occurrence of any safety related side effects such as endometrial hyperplasia, spotting or breakthrough bleeding.
To Err Is Human: A Collection of Forgiveness Readings
In summary, it appears that when we are trying to achieve maximum performance, not only are we fighting against all external factors such as the opponents, but we are also fighting against ourselves and the tendency to err while minimizing energy.