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ERRCEuropean Roma Rights Centre
ERRCEastern Regional Research Center
ERRCEasy Riders Recumbent Club (magazine)
ERRCEngine Regional Repair Center (Air Force)
ERRCEnvironmental Resources Research Centre (India)
ERRCExpendability, Recoverability, Reparability Code
ERRCEasy Riders Recumbent Cyclists (magazine)
ERRCEnhanced Raff Regression Channel
ERRCEmergency Response and Rescue Corps (Malta)
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Today's judgment rounds out the European Court's jurisprudence concerning the most common grounds of segregation experienced by Romani children in education across Europe," said ERRC managing director Robert Kushen.
Weaver and the ERRC confirmed the most environmentally responsible disposal option is recycling through a reputable and certified electronics' recycling firm.
To produce antibodies against the STECs, the ERRC researchers injected dead bacteria of individual types into laboratory animals.
This case originated with complaints unsuccessfully lodged in the Czech courts in 1999 on behalf of 18 pupils represented by the ERRC.
The ERRC states its belief that the Czech education system has the effect that "Romani children are thereby effectively condemned from an early age to a lifetime of diminished opportunity and self-respect.
ERRC scientists and partners created a computer-based model to help processors lower their energy use, which lowers greenhouse gas emissions.
The Turkey report is part of a series of country profiles published by the ERRC, which highlight some of the difficulties Roma face.
Established in 1996 and headquartered in Budapest (Hungary), ERRC is an international public interest law organization having consultative status with the Council of Europe as well as with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
ARS researchers at ERRC are developing technologies wherein glycerin can be converted via biological and chemical processes into an array of petrochemical equivalents.
Onwulata, USDA-ARS Dairy Processing and Products Research, ERRC, Room 1208, 600 E Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038; phone: 215-233-6497; fax: 215-233-6795; email: charles.
Lihan Huang, USDA-ARS ERRC Food Safety Intervention Technologies Research, Room 0022, 600 E.
Microbial Food Safety Research Unit Research Leader John Luchansky molecular biologist Darrell Bayles, and research associate Gaylen Uhlich of the ERRC Microbial Food Safety Research Unit have found that Listeria strains, in addition to sharing serotype-specific and strain-specific genome sequences, have largely similar genetic content and organization.