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ERRCEuropean Roma Rights Centre
ERRCEmergency Responder Radio Coverage (International Building Code)
ERRCEmergency Response and Rescue Corps (Malta)
ERRCEastern Regional Research Center
ERRCEducational Resources and Referrals (China)
ERRCEnhanced Raff Regression Channel
ERRCEasy Riders Recumbent Club (magazine)
ERRCEngine Regional Repair Center (Air Force)
ERRCEnvironmental Resources Research Centre (India)
ERRCExpendability, Recoverability, Reparability Code
ERRCEasy Riders Recumbent Cyclists (magazine)
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The conventional 95% confidence interval is not suitable for this study because the distribution of error reduction ratio contribution (ERRC) value is unknown.
For example, ERRC develops new and improved uses for animal byproducts, such as milk, hides, and wool; SRRC focuses on cotton and sugarcane and their byproducts; NCAUR studies corn and soybeans and their byproducts; and WRRC works on weeds, wheat, and potato breeding and their byproducts.
(17.) ERRC, Submission to the Joint CEDAW-CRC, General Recommendation/Comment on Harmful Practices: Child Marriages among Roma, 9 September 2011
aWeare calling for an immediate end to Franceas disastrous approach to Roma: forced evictions, disregarding Franceas obligations under international and European treaties, cannot continue,a said Dezideriu Gergely, executive director, ERRC.
(28.) These images are presumed to have so much resonance that many of the advocacy organizations have adopted them as well, including the European Roma Rights Center, (ERRC) much to the chagrin of many Romani activists who find such pictures limiting and essentializing.
In November 2006 the so-called 'Pacts of Security' made arrangements connected to nomad camps in 14 Italian cities and signalled the emerging concern regarding immigration (ERRC 2008).
Research is underway at ARS's Crop Conversion Science and Engineering Research Unit at the Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) to lower the cost of fuel ethanol production from corn by developing new microbes and enzymes.
Danish food ingredients and sweeteners producer Danisco A/S (OMX Copenhagen:DCO) said on Friday (12 December) that its biotechnology division, Genencor, has extended its cooperation agreement with the US Agriculture Department's Agricultural Research Service, Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC).
As part of the CRADA, Logical Innovations of Richmond, Va., will work with researchers at USDA/ARS's Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) in Wyndmoor, Pa., to improve on pyrolysis oil production via innovative control technologies.
Ashby, Solaiman and Foglia--who work at USDA's Agriculture Research Service Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) in Wyndmoor, PA--used a multidisciplinary approach to find new commercial uses for glycerine.
Research by the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) in Budapest shows that Roma students in this region are 27 times more likely than similarly situated non-Roma to be placed in 'special' schools for children with learning disabilities.
Under ERRC's revised plans, properties being upzoned would become part of a new "inclusionary housing" area, which will require the development to devote 20% of its floor area to permanently affordable housing before it can achieve the permitted density.