ERRPEarly Retiree Reinsurance Program (US DHHS)
ERRPErgonomic Risk Reduction Process (USPS and OSHA)
ERRPEstrogen Receptor Related Protein (pathology)
ERRPExercise Renal Rehabilitation Program (kidneys)
ERRPEngineer Responsible for Resolving the Problem
ERRPEconomic Recovery and Reconstruction Program (World Bank)
ERRPExperiment Resource Reservation Protocol
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To provide temporary help before the PPACA individual health insurance requirements took effect, PPACA drafters created the ERRP system, to encourage employers to keep health plans for retirees ages 55 to 64 in place.
Although ERRP funding was supposed to last until the end of 2013, program managers at CCIIO had to suspend enrollment in the program by May 2011 because expenses were running so high, Czerwinski said.
ERRP managers ran out of the $4.7 billion in funding for ERRP claims in September 2012, and, at that time, they had 5,699 open claims for reimbursement.
CCIIO took several steps to implement ERRP, including educating plan sponsors about the program, approving applications from plan sponsors to participate, and approving reimbursements to participating plan sponsors for a portion of their early retiree health benefit costs.
Contract awarded for Metro North Hospital and Health Service (Metro North) invites you to submit an offer for the provision of Principal Consultant services for Redcliffe Hospital Electrical Reticulation Renewal Program (ERRP).
Boeing will begin offering global customers the Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System Risk Reduction Prototype (ERRP) now that the aircraft has received Supplemental Type Certification (STC) from the U.S.
ERRP s FAA certification gives us another approved modification in Boeing s growing family of ISR airplanes, said John Rader, vice president of Electronic and Sensor Solutions.
In addition to ERRP, the Boeing family of modified Beechcraft King Air ISR aircraft also includes the Reconfigurable Airborne Multi-Intelligence and Surveillance (RAMIS) aircraft, which has also received both FAA flight and STC certification.
Contract awarded for Support the Department of Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP)
General Dynamics Information Technology%s Health IT Solutions sector will develop and deploy the ERRP application and payment systems, as well as support all ERRP operational departments.
Airservices has commissioned a transportable radar at Mt Sandon in New South Wales as part of the organisation s En Route Radar Replacement Project (ERRP).
Meanwhile, Rus' team harnessed the power of brain signals called "error-related potentials" (ErrPs), which researchers have found to naturally occur when people notice mistakes.