ERRREarly Release at the Time of Redefiner's Renaming
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It differs from ERRR, as ankylosis does not have inflamed connective tissue intervention.
Coleen: "You've made yourself a laughing stock, Wayne." Wayne: "Errr, obviously you get a bit of stick from the lads, but..."
And as Elvis would say: "Errr, thankyouverymuch!" I'm not sure I'll be heading to the Liberty in my jump suit after Brendan Rodgers asked the fans to turn up as Elvis, proving a point against the bookies that there was a better chance of seeing the King alive and well than Swansea success this year.
When asked if she would participate in the programme when it begins next year, Jennifer said: "Errr I don't know.
Well, the problem is that wealthier children and the ones with better schooling, white-er skin, able-er bodies, errr ...
Microsoft Windows 2000 has a reputation like so many Microsoft products for, errr, various issues with security.
I said 'errr sorry' and he said 'mornin' then tweeted about it to all his mates copying me in (he still finished the job though)," the former Hear'Say star revealed.
In the ad, TV couple Ruth and Ben are seen covering children's eyes as the monkeys indulge in some, errr, adult, off-screen, relaxation.
Robert Price Yes we want it back in Cardiff St David's centre like it was last year plz x Michelle Carter Errr coca cola is not Christmas.
All too often in recent times we have ended up signing forward players that errr..don't score.
And there were scary goings on over on Channel 4 with the Come Dine With Me Hallowe'en special, where glamour model Nicola McLean said of Alex Reid: "He's fame hungry he's self-indulgent." Errr, pot kettle...
Asked for his "favourite sex position" Khan replied, and the Daily Star quoted him as saying: "Errr, I'm a virgin."