ERRVEmergency Response and Rescue Vessel
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The 78m Ocean Troll is an ERRV with multirole functionality including Fi-Fi II, with the capacity to accommodate a crew of 21 people.
Atlantic Offshore Scotland Ltd is part of the Norwegian-based Aeogopodium AS and employs circa 210 people (approximately 200 seamen and 10 office-based staff) and provides multi-role ERRVs for many of the oil majors operating in the North Sea.
Seacroft has been at the forefront of innovations in ERRV services and we continue to work hard as a team to raise the bar.
Jennifer Fraser said: Our services across a wide range of areas have grown significantly, although the ERRV expertise remains at the heart of Seacroft.
The ERRV contract with Sentinel Marine has a fixed duration of five years, commencing in July 2016, and also includes five one-year extension options.
The importance of ERRVs in oilfield safety services was demonstrated by Topaz in 2008 when another such vessel in Topaz's Azeri fleet, the Baki, was put to the test.
Glomars chief commercial officer, Mark van der Star said, As the oil and gas drilling activity in the Netherlands diminished we have transferred our NOGEPA Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie stand-by vessels into UK oil and gas (UKOG) ERRVs.