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ERSEuropean Respiratory Society
ERSEconomic Research Service (USDA)
ERSEarth Science
ERSEnterprise Risk Services (Deloitte & Touche Auditing)
ERSEuropean Remote-sensing Satellite
ERSEmployee Retirement System
ERSEmergency Road Service
ERSElectoral Reform Society (of Great Britain and Ireland)
ERSEarth Resources Satellite
ERSEmergency Response Service (IBM)
ERSEmergency Response System
ERSÉtablissement de Réinsertion Scolaire (French: Establishment of School Reintegration)
ERSEvent-Related Synchronization
ERSEmergency Recovery System (Backtec Software)
ERSError Resolution System
ERSEnergy Recovery System
ERSEvaluated Receipts Settlement
ERSEarth Remote-Sensing Satellite
ERSEffective Radiated Power
ERSEllipsoidal Reflector Spotlight (live stage lighting)
ERSESA Remote Sensing Satellite
ERSEthernet Relay Service
ERSEmergency Restoration Services (Sprint)
ERSEmergency Restoration System (Lindsey Manufacturing Company)
ERSEgyptian Rat Screw (card game)
ERSEmergency Response Specialist (Singapore Civil Defence Force)
ERSEmergency Relocation Site
ERSEducation Research Section (Princeton University)
ERSErrored Seconds (AT&T)
ERSExternal Reference Specification
ERSEuropean Railway Server
ERSWindhoek, Namibia - Eros (Airport Code)
ERSError Report Suppression (Flag)(Catnip)
ERSEnvironmental Review Summary
ERSEnterprise Routing Solution
ERSEnvironmental Reporting System (Defense Logistics Agency)
ERSEnterprise Resource Services, Inc. (Irvine, CA)
ERSEn Route System
ERSEnterprise Requirements Suite (Telelogic)
ERSEcological Recycling Society (Greece)
ERSEnamel-Renal Syndrome
ERSEnvironmental Reclamation Services, LLC
ERSEnterprise Resource Sharing (Banyan)
ERSEel River Sawmills
ERSEngine Room Supervisor
ERSExtended Rehabilitation Services
ERSEastern Radiological Society
ERSEconomic Retention Stock
ERSEnqueue Replication Server (SAP)
ERSEnvironmental Remediation Specialists, Inc. (Tulsa, OK; est. 1990)
ERSEquipment Repositioning Surcharge (shipping containers)
ERSElectronic Receipt System
ERSExpanded Ring Search (computer networking)
ERSElectronic Repair Shelter (US DoD)
ERSEuropean Space Agency Remote Satellite
ERSEquipment Record System
ERSEnterprise Requirements Specification
ERSExperimental Radar System
ERSError Recovery Service
ERSEmergency Relocation Staff
ERSExpeditionary Refueling System
ERSEducation Records System
ERSEffective Revenue Share
ERSExtreme Response Spectrum (physics)
ERSElectronic Requisition System
ERSExcess Reporting System
ERSExperimental Research Society
ERSEuropean Research Fellowship
ERSEuropean Relay Station
ERSEnvironmental Reference Service
ERSElevated Radio System
ERSEnhanced Resource Subsystem (Cubix)
ERSExchange Rate Surcharge
ERSElectronic Repair System
ERSEquilibrium Radiation Spectra
ERSElectronic Reconnaissance Set
ERSExpanded Radar Service
ERSEvaluation Record Sheet
ERSExcuria Recovery Services, LLC (Levittown, NY)
ERSEuropean Relay Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (Europe)
ERSExclusive Right to Sell (real estate)
ERSEmail Reputation Service (software)
ERSEnterprise Resource System
ERSEnvironmental and Resource Studies (Trent University; Canada)
ERSExtended Retail Solutions
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ERS results in more timely communication of data between trading partners and often generates other economic values for both partners.
Maximized Discounts -- ERS results in fewer problems to resolve, thus allowing purchasers to take full advantage of prompt payment discounts.
The use of ERS raises similar issues as electronic data interchange (EDI) and some different issues as well.
Finally, since the ERS was designed to be used in medical office settings, extensive changes to the items would be necessary before it could be utilized as a vocational rehabilitation program evaluation tool.
In a comparative study of the PSQ, CSQ, and ERS, Pascoe, Attkisson, and Roberts (1983) found that the PSQ produced a greater range of scores resulting in less skewed distributions.