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ERSAEuropean Regional Science Association
ERSAEngineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms (conference)
ERSAEmployer Retirement Savings Account
ERSAEn Route Supplement Australia (aviation)
ERSAExternal Resource Sharing Agreement
ERSAErnst Sachs
ERSAEconomic Research Southern Africa (National Treasury of South Africa)
ERSAEquity Release Solicitors Alliance
ERSAElectronic Research Supply Agency (US Navy)
ERSAEmployee Retirement Savings Account
ERSAEmergency Roadside Assistance
ERSAEric Sadek (founder of ERSA Group)
ERSAExtended Runway Safety Area
ERSAEnhanced Regional Situational Awareness
ERSAEqual Resource-Sharing Allocation
ERSAEstudios de la Realidad Social Argentina (high-school subject in Argentina)
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Bush's ERSA [employer retirement savings account], RSA [retirement savings account], LSA [lifetime savings account] proposal reflected this approach.
HORVAT Andrej, MAIER Gunther--Regional development, Absorption problems and the EU Structural Funds; Some aspects regarding administrative absorption capacity in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, ERSA Conference, Austria, Vienna, 2004;
Kirsty McHugh, chief executive of ERSA, said: "Over the last two years, performance on the Work Programme has continued to build.
Victoria Winckler, director of left wing think tank the Bevan Foundation, admitted the figures have as much to do with the paucity of jobs as the quality of training offered by the ERSA.
No wonder David won the Tomorrow's People Personal Achievement Award and the national award from ERSA, which represents bodies delivering employment-related services.
Sin embargo, desde su aprobacion, tanto la ENSA como las ERSA presentaron limitaciones de tipo politico y tecnico para su funcionamiento.
Fuente: Elaboracion propia a partir de datos del ERSA 2011.
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