ERSBEmission from Rice Straw Burning (asthma research)
ERSBEagle Rare Single Barrel (type of bourbon)
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In these columns, ERSB and guest authors share insights and information about environmental health programs, trends, issues, and resources.
acre of com receives 140 lbs N, 60 lbs P, and 79 lbs K (USDA ERSb).
Department of Agriculture Economic Research Serviceb (USDA ERSb), use-and-price.aspx, Accessed 11 February 2014.
He considered Nietzsche to be "a true hero of the modern world"; his main merit was to have given back to the world the tragic god Dionysus, without, however, being clearly aware of the religious connotations of his gesture (SS, I: 716 and ERSB, 2: 63f.).
The references to the Sobranie sochinenii consist of the standard abbreviation SS, a roman numeral and the page number; "Elliaskaia Religiia stradaiushchego Boga" is referred to as ERSB, followed by the page number.
His mother, Karen, 35, of Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, said: ``He loves the Street and has three teddies named after Les, Janice and Toyah Ba t t ersb y.