ERSLEast Region Soccer League (est. 2002; Ontario, Canada)
ERSLEnvironmental Remote Sensing Laboratory (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
ERSLExtended Rotated and Side Bent Left (orthopedics)
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He claimed that it stood to benefit financially from a switch, something ERSL denied.
We obtained EMG data from the following bilateral muscle groups: (a) erector spinae (ERSR and ERSL), (b) latissimus dorsi (LATR and LATL), (c) external oblique (EXOR and EXOL), and (d) rectus abdominus (RABR and RABL).
The specific electrode placements were as follows: (a) the ERSR and ERSL were centered halfway between the L3 and L4 spinous processes and were approximately 3 to 4 cm lateral from the midline over the belly of the muscle; (b) the LATR and LATL were over the muscle belly at the level of T7 and approximately 13 to 15 cm lateral from the midline; (c) the EXOR and EXOL were at the level of the umbilicus and approximately halfway between the iliac crest and the anterior superior iliac spine; and (d) the RABR and RABL were level with the umbilicus, 2 cm lateral from the midline.