ERSRElectronic Regulatory Submissions and Review
ERSREndoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response (biomedicine)
ERSREarly Rx Status Register (computing)
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The specific electrode placements were as follows: (a) the ERSR and ERSL were centered halfway between the L3 and L4 spinous processes and were approximately 3 to 4 cm lateral from the midline over the belly of the muscle; (b) the LATR and LATL were over the muscle belly at the level of T7 and approximately 13 to 15 cm lateral from the midline; (c) the EXOR and EXOL were at the level of the umbilicus and approximately halfway between the iliac crest and the anterior superior iliac spine; and (d) the RABR and RABL were level with the umbilicus, 2 cm lateral from the midline.
Based upon various arguments in Hoelscher [11], it is also expected that R is an increasing function of ERSR, whereas the impact of Y on R is a priori unknown.
The variable ERSR, was computed by subtracting the expected inflation rate in year t from the average nominal yield on three-month U.S.
where LR is the nominal long-term interest rate, P is the expected future inflation, ersr is the ex ante (expected) real short-term interest rate, and PCY is the percent change in real gross domestic product (GDP).
where LR is the nominal long-term interest rate yield, P is the expected inflation rate, ersr is the ex ante real short-term interest rate yield, PCY is the percent change in real GDP, D/Y is the ratio of the central government budget deficit to the GDP level, and K/Y is the ratio of net capital inflows to the GDP level.
The variable ersr is the nominal average interest rate yield on 91-day government bills (expressed as a percent per annum) in each qua rter minus the expected inflation rate (P) in that quarter.
where [Y.sub.t] is a sequence of random vectors with components LR, P, ersr, D/Y, K/Y, and PCY, [e.sub.t] and [e1.sub.t] are vectors of residual series, and [Y1.sub.t] represents the vector of series [Y.sub.t] with a constant series (of 1's) appended.
By contrast, the evidence from the vectors for variables ersr and PCY is mixed.