ERSSEducationally Related Support Services
ERSSEnergy Research & Social Science (scholarly journal; Elsevier)
ERSSElectronic Random Selection System
ERSSEquipe de Recherche En Syntaxe et Sémantique (French)
ERSSExpeditionary Resuscitative Surgical System (US Navy)
ERSSEarth Retaining Stabilizing Structure (engineering)
ERSSElectronic Random Selection System (lottery)
ERSSEdinburgh Rehabilitation Status Scale (rehabilitative medicine functionality determination after an injury)
ERSSEcommerce Really Simple Syndication
ERSSEdinburgh Rudolf Steiner School (UK)
ERSSEstablishment Registration Support System (EPA)
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The Emergency Response Centre (ERCs), being set up by the States and UTs, can receive panic signal via voice call to '112', email requests on state ERSS website or the '112' mobile app, the official said.
The position of a narrator to a large extent determines the similarity of Latgale's images created by Latvian authors (Austrins, Erss, Skalbe, Jaunsudrabins, etc.).
ERSS had already been successfully implemented in the States of Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland.
Risk factors for ectasia following PRK were those of the ERSS (Table 1) [13] and the calculated PTA [15, 16].
Apart from being a graphical, port-based modeling approach, one advantage of bond graph for ERSs lies in the fact that it is domain-independent, using unified notations for elements and variables across various energy domains; hence, it is capable of representing a complex system involving diverse energy domains.
The ERSS is used for analytical prediction of an accident involving a nuclear reactor based on information constantly delivered from the nuclear power plants in Japan.
The 151 staff was about 40 people strong, the LEDET had roughly 10 people, and the ERSS team added another 15 to the mix.
Participants were contacted at 6-12 weeks and interviewed at 1 year after brain injury using the Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS), the Edinburgh Rehabilitation Status Outcome (ERSS), the National Adult Reading Test, the Barthel Index, the Clinical Interview Schedule Revised, and the Psychosis Screening Questionnaire.
Speech and language therapy services are a form of ERSS that may be provided to children enrolled in grades kindergarten through six.
TABLE 3 Percentage of patients with specific complication of transrectal prostate biopsy TYROL EUROPEAN RANDOMIZED CONDITION STUDY (63) STUDY OF SCREENING (64) Gross hematuria >1 day 12.5% 22.6% Hematospermia 29.8% 50.4% Significant pain 4.0% 7.5% Rectal bleeding 0.6% 1.3% Nausea 0.8% 0.3% Fever >38.5[degrees] C 0.8% 3.5% Epididymitis 0.7% 0.1% Sepsis 0.3% Not available Hospitalization Not available 0.5% Tyrol study (63): LOE: 2b, N = 6024 biopsies; ERSS study (64): LOE: 1b, N = 5802 biopsies.
The test involved the use of two emissions reference sources (ERSs), one to simulate the background ambient level and the other to simulate an EUT.
Not unlike similar companies in Alaska, ERSS provides support services to the oil industry and accomplished Information Technology in challenging environments.