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ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act (of 1981)
ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
ERTAEthiopian Radio and Television Agency
ERTAEuropean Road Transport Agreement
ERTAEuropean Recorder Teachers Association (UK)
ERTAEarth Riders Trails Association
ERTAEarth Riders Trail Association
ERTAEmergency Response Team Advance
ERTAEdmonton Retired Teachers Association (Canada)
ERTAEastern Rural Telephone Association
ERTAEnvironmental Restoration Technical Assistance
ERTAEmergency Relief Tracking Application
ERTAEast Ramapo Teachers Association (New York)
ERTAEastern Region Training Associates
ERTAEvansville Retired Teachers Association (Evansville, Indiana)
ERTAEnergy Resources and Technologies Analysis
ERTAEmergency Response Training Association
ERTAEmergency Response Training Associates
ERTAEducation Research and Training Authority (Florida)
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citizens reconsider travel plans to Erta Ale," ( said the statement that was released Wednesday , it also noted that the security environment in Ethiopia can change rapidly.
EPA published a Federal Register Notice stating the intention of the agency to accept computational tools and predictive models as alternative data for the current EDSP Tier 1 ER binding, ERTA, and rodent uterotrophic screening assays (U.S.
If some want to hear more about "Ulja", the moniker Semjonova was known by during her career, Erta is ready to come forward.
Altig and Carlstrom (1991) show that the imperfect indexation of personal income tax brackets in ERTA 1981 still left measurable welfare losses associated with high inflation.
(122) The TRA of 1986 reduced the traditional IRA deduction benefit created earlier by ERTA in 1981.
cloacae E132 pECLE132 E133 Site of isolation Catheter -- Urine PFGE pattern -- -- A MIC ([micro]g/mL) * IMI 32 8 16 IMI/AC 32 8 16 Mero 32 8 32 MERO/AC 32 8 32 Erta 256 64 128 Erta/AC 128 32 256 Poly B >128 <0.125 0.25 CEF 256 128 512 Cipro >256 0.016 >32 Levo >256 <0.25 64 CAZ >512 >512 >512 Tige 0.5 0.06 0.25 CRO 512 512 >512 CFL >512 >512 >512 Genta 0.25 2 >128 Amica 4 2 >256 CTX >512 >512 >512 MBL E-test + + + Inc/rep typing HI2 and P P HI2 and W bla genes NDM-1 NDM-1 NDM-1, and TEM-1, TEM-1 CTX-M-15 and armA Strains E.
Saunders, "Integrated field, satellite and petrological observations of the November 2010 eruption of Erta Ale", Bulletin of Volcanology, vol.
But adherence rate of ART and associated factors among people living with HIV are not well understood in our region, because Afar region is Erta Ale active volcanic movement, Great Rift Valley, and it has the lowest point in Ethiopia and also in Africa which is a different topographical and living culture compared to other regions in Ethiopia.
* August 4, 1981: The Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 (ERTA) amends the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to encourage economic growth.
"Sudan will derive multiple benefits from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project," Saleh said according to the state-run Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA).