ERTFEuropean Roma and Travellers Forum (The European Roma Parliament)
ERTFEconomic Research and Training Foundation (Indian Merchants' Chamber)
ERTFExchange Rate Transaction Fee
ERTFEconomic Revitalization Task Force (Hawaii)
ERTFEmergency Response Task Force
ERTFEleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowship
ERTFEducation Reform Task Force
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Furthermore, the down-regulation of miR5240b targeted the gene encoding ERTF, which underlie the positive regulation of ethylene-based signal transduction (Ohta et al.
R2>R3>R4), which could more seriously accumulate ERTF abundance, enhancing ethylene signaling in continuously cultivated R.
Childwall ERTF stands for Exchange Rate Transaction Fee.
This lets you make withdrawals abroad with no commission charges and no ERTF.
In the three weeks between the final meeting of the university workgroup and the reconvening of the ERTF in late-October of 1997, the idea of reforming the campus-state regulatory relationship in Hawaii became linked with the goal of state economic development in the minds of influential business leaders who served on the task force.
However, in the weeks prior to the reconvening of the ERTF, Mortimer asserted in private conversations with task force members that, if freed from excessive oversight, the university could become more "entrepreneurial," thus spurring economic development in the state.