ERTMElectronic Intelligence Requirement Tasking Message
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ERTMELINT Requirement Tasking Message
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ERTMS is a key enabler for digital railways in Europe.
Design and construction of signaling and telecommunication systems and ERTMS for project" 2014-BG-TMC-0133-W - Development of railway node Sofia: Sofia-Voluyak railway section, incl.
The committee is calling for written submissions on areas including: the efficiency of Network Rail's planned roll-out of ERTMS and ETCS across the network; how realistic the proposed timings of Network Rail's 'Digital Railway' programme are and how these will be achieved; what legislative and other action the government could take to support the rate of change in signalling and traffic management technology; and whether timetable planning is suitably optimised to meet demand for both passenger and freight rail, and how traffic management technology can be used to improve this.
Peter Cedervall, President, Division Rail Control Solutions, Bombardier Transportation, said, "This new contract marks Bombardier's entry into the ERTMS Level 2 market in Spain and adds an excellent very high-speed project reference to our global portfolio.
Meanwhile, the states keeping in step and investing in a timely manner in the ERTMS have reason to grumble, because if one state is delayed the whole corridor is affected.
But ERTMS faults mean we are achieving only 62% and that there have been 'five Category 'A' SPADs (signals passed at danger] in the first five months.
The ERTMS costs pounds 250,000 per train and the Government will need to splash out pounds 4bn to cover the whole rail network.
SRA technical director David Waboso said, ``There is now a better understanding of the technical and performance specifications for ERTMS and of what their integration to UK rail infrastructure, trains and rules involves.
A third independent disclosure to the HSE was also critical of last year's rail industry report in which the Strategic Rail Authority and the Railway Safety group said that one of the effects of trying to meet a 2010 deadline for ERTMS would be to push more people on to the roads and therefore increase fatalities.
The ERTMS prevents trains going through danger signals and also helps improve rail network performance.
The commission - which is government funded but independent - said today that its research showed that introducing the first phase of ERTMS would save, on average, just one life on the railways every 16 months.