ERTOEstimated Return to Operation (maintenance)
ERTOEstonian Rural Tourism Organisation
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The centrepiece of the ncert is Chopin's Piano erto No 2 with Chopin list Artur Pizarro from the soloist.
Since World War II, however these institutions have come erto rely more and more upon donations from the general public.
With: Nicolas Saavedra, Erto Pantoja, Miguel Dedovich, Jorge Roman, Felipe Braun, Fernanda Urrejola, Juan Pablo Miranda, Victor Montero, Pablo Valledor, Andreas Olea, Martin Lavini.
Finland's Federation of Special Service and Clerical Employees (ERTO) also announced on Tuesday that it would start a strike to support the Finnish Paper Workers' Union, reported the Finnish news agency STT.
See, e.g., Giuliano Augusti et al., Bounds to the Probability of Collapse of Monumental Buildings, 24 STRUCTURAL SAFETY 89 (2002); Pasquale Erto & Massimiliano Giorgio, Assessing High Reliability via Bayesian Approach and Accelerated Tests, 76 RELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYS.
In other words, it is a damnatio memoriae that makes every day another black October 9th for the inhabitants of Longarone, Erto, and Casso.
But what about the crude curses of the peasants of Erto and Casso?