ERTWEarly Return to Work
ERTWEngineers Rule The World
ERTWEmployee Return to Work
ERTWEqual Rights Towards Women
ERTWEngineers Rarely Touch Women
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We wish to emphasize that the" ERTW, BPand MS filters as applied are not a-priori biased/engineered to create inter-group structure that otherwise does not exist; they only focus upon structure that may exist but may be difficult to perceive in the presence of noise--i.e., signal to noise ratio issues well know in the analysis of spectra (see Jenkins and Watts (16) and Bioomfield (17)).
ERTW programs are typically managed by a member of the human resources staff, a case manager, a nurse, or some other person who is external to the actual work unit.
Do you know what BOP, COE, C&R, ERTW, HH, MMI, PPD, and PTD mean?
In an ERTW program, employees are assigned a transitional job to accommodate their medical condition until they can return to his or her usual duties.