ERVLEnteric & Respiratory Virus Laboratory (Colindale, North London, England)
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Steve Ellison (LGC Teddington Ltd.), who provided expert assistance with the statistical interpretation of the RAPID data, and all the participants, who willingly gave their time to undertake the trial and contribute to discussions on the results obtained: Advanced Biotechnologies; Advanced Technologies (Cambridge) Ltd.; CABI (International Mycological Institute); Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association; ERVL (Central Public Health Laboratory); Hammersmith Hospital (MRC Clinical Sciences Research Centre); IACR Rothamsted Experimental Station; ICSM, Charing Cross Hospital (Medical Microbiology); Queens University of Belfast (Food Microbiology); RHM Technologies Ltd.; Rowett Research Institute; Royal Manchester Children's Hospital (Molecular Genetics Laboratory); St.