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ESADEEscuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (Spanish business school)
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Diez Gangas, de 43 anos, catedratico de la ESADE Business School y que suele publicar en los diarios El Pais y Cinco Dias, The Economist, Financial Times, Bloomberg y Reuters, afirma que toda crisis viene precedida de una burbuja motivada, en ocasiones, por lo que llama "exuberancia irracional", cuando la gente se endeuda mas alla de sus capacidades.
Having grown up amid her father's successful ventures, it was no surprise that Melissa Medina went on to study business, earning a bachelor's in business administration and master's in international business from the University of Florida, as well as taking time to study business management at the exclusive ESADE School of Business in Barcelona, Spain.
Job quality, in terms of the type of contract and salaries, continues to fall," Maria Angels Valls, professor of management at ESADE business school, said.
He is currently President of the ESADE Centre for Global Economy and Geopolitics and Distinguished Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
Japan has had a "universal banking system in which banks lend to companies for life, irrespective of their performance," explained Professor Robert Tornabel of the ESADE Business School.
It seems they want to use an umbrella brand and the doubt is whether they'll have the ability to not only grow but also adapt their structure to this new strategy," said Gerard Costa, marketing professor at Barcelona-based ESADE business school.
The MAGNUM management program is developed in collaboration with ESADE Business School, a leading Spanish business school, and is aimed at accelerating the careers of the General Managers at APM Terminals, worldwide.
Internationalised companies are suffering much less than others in the crisis, and Inditex is about the most internationalised there is," Juan Ramis, a professor at Spanish business school ESADE, told AFP.
Stern School of Business at New York University and Master in Science in Business Administration from ESADE in Barcelona.
Javier Solana , the European Union's former High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy and a former Secretary General of NATO, is President of the ESADE Global Economic and Geopolitical Center and Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
Sauquet Rovira is dean of the ESADE Business School.