ESAFEnhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
ESAFEscola de Administração Fazendária (Brazil)
ESAFEvangelical Social Action Forum (India)
ESAFEntreprise Spécialisée en Activités Ferroviaires (French: Company Specializing in Rail Activities)
ESAFEntreprise de Sexage Avicole France (French chicken company)
ESAFEspace de Solidarité et d'Accompagnement des Familles (French: Space of Solidarity and Support for Families)
ESAFEl Salvador Armed Forces
ESAFEastern States Archeological Federation (US and Canada)
ESAFExperiment Safety Assessment Form (preuse laboratory requirement)
ESAFElectric Safe Arm and Fire
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17 in Khartoum the conclusion of the training year for East Africa Forces (ESAF), in presence of the Minister of Defence, Lt.
The Study features an interesting summary of ESAF ports and their respective capacities, highlighting 24 ESAF ports that appear on the schedule of intercontinental liner services.
Na MCDA-C, esse grupo passa a ser denominado de 'decisores' que terao o poder de interferencia no processo de construcao do modelo de avaliacao, devido ao fato de possuirem mais conhecimento em relacao ao objeto de estudo, ou seja, conhecimento relacionado ao desempenho das ESFS do municipio; os 'facilitadores' do processo de construcao do modelo sao os autores da presente pesquisa; e os 'agidos' sao os demais membros das equipes de ESAF e a populacao atendida por essas equipes.
Bridge Chapel is the home of the Elite Schools Academy of Football (ESAF), the North West's first independent, football-specific academy.
Marije Cornelissen (Greens-EFA, Netherlands) propposes to merge the EGF with the European Social Fund and to rename it European Sustainability Adjustment Fund (ESAF).
No MFIs Average Score 1 SANGHAMITHRA 0.83 2 SHARE 0.80 3 SPANDANA 0.80 4 BFL 0.79 5 AML 0.78 6 SKS 0.74 7 KRUSHI 0.74 8 SKDRDP 0.73 9 AWS 0.70 10 SEWA 0.66 11 BSS 0.65 12 RASS 0.65 13 BASIX 0.64 14 KBSLAB 0.62 15 AMMACT 0.62 16 NDFS 0.61 17 SWAWS 0.61 18 SAADHANA 0.59 19 GK 0.59 20 MFI 0.55 21 SMSS 0.52 22 GV 0.48 23 BANDHAN 0.47 24 BISWA 0.46 25 CRESA 0.46 26 SCNL 0.43 27 MAHASEMAM 0.41 28 ESAF 0.38 29 CASHPOR 0.37 30 ADHIKAR 0.36 31 RGVN 0.34 32 KAS 0.31 33 BAZAARI 0.31 34 NEED 0.30 35 SU 0.30 36 NBJK 0.28 37 ASOMI 0.27 38 SONATA 0.25 39 ABCRDM 0.18 40 NIDAN 0.04 Figure.2.
All but Nigeria have borrowed from the institution under its Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) and the successor Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF).
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has held regular Article IV consultations, or periodic country evaluations, with Equatorial Guinea since the 1996 end of the country's Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF).
The two IMF programmes were the Structural Adjustment Facility (SAF), from 1986-87 to 1988-89; and the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF), operational from August 1990 to June 1993.