ESANAEgyptian Student Association in North America
ESANAÉcole Supérieure des Arts Numériques Appliqués (French: Graduate School of Applied Arts Digital)
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Desarrollado por Marco Savini, Andreea Ionas, Andreas Meier, Ciprian Pop, Henrik Stormer en la Universidad de Friburgo, eSana Framework (Savini, 2006) fue desarrollado como un sistema integrado para conectar a los pacientes con especialistas medicos de diferentes especialidades.
Chinese students' dissatisfaction level relates to other findings in the survey: they had less contact with their New Zealand peers and had fewer New Zealand friends; they were more likely to feel culturally excluded in the classroom, reported more discrimination than students from ESANA countries, and felt New Zealanders harboured more negative attitudes towards international students.
The sample could also be broadened in scope of countries-of-origin sampled, to include for instance more "ESANA" immigrants.