ESAPIEncryption Services Application Programming Interface
ESAPIEnhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts (bulletproof vests)
ESAPIEnterprise Security Application Programming Interface (Open Web Application Security Project)
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Production of both IHPS helmet systems and ESAPI components is expected to start next year.
Reportedly, ESAPI ceramic armour plates, worn by US soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, are inserted into outer modular tactical vests to provide torso protection against small arms fire.
The Army's in-house laboratories for years have been trying to develop new, lighter materials to replace ESAPI plates, but no breakthroughs have occurred so far.
ESAPI (front and back pair) NSN 8470-01-520-7360 (X-SM)
As a rule, to fit properly, the ESAPI should be the same size as the vest.
The ESAPI plate protects against multiple hits from small arms threats," said Don Dutton, vice president and general manager of Protection Systems at BAE Systems Support Solutions.
Designed to provide a wide range of protection, ESAPI plates provide multiple hit protection from small arms projectiles.
Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps with enhanced small arms protective inserts -- sometimes referred to by the acronym ESAPI -- and referring to the ceramic plates inserted into body armor.
To date, we have not received additional delivery orders for either XSAPI or ESAPI against the remaining $2.
announced it has received its first delivery order covering two months of 2013 ESAPI requirements totaling over $14 million.
NASDAQ: CRDN) received an $8 million ESAPI (Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts) order which is expected to be shipped in the first quarter of 2010.