ESAREmergency Services Adventure Race
ESARElectronic Student Aid Report
ESARElectronically Steerable Array Radar
ESAREnhanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ESARElectromagnetic Spectrum Allocation Request
ESAREngineers and Scientists for Animal Rights
ESARExtended Subsequent Application Review
ESAREmpirically Successful Automated Reasoning
ESAREmissions Security Assessment Request
ESAREquivalent Still-Air Range
ESARElectronic Satellite Access Request
ESARExplorer Search and Rescue
ESAREnvironmental Situation Assessment Radar (x-band radar for detecting birds at airfields)
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Improve stair ascent by reducing involved side hip moment and power requirements and increasing prosthetic ankle moment compared with SACH and ESAR feet [32].
Earlier, ESAR has distributed warm clothes to 5000 people, provided logistical support to 20 schools, besides assisting marriages of underprivileged girls on regular basis and constantly raising voice for resolution of a number of social problems.
05) were not found in CHAMP scores between SMs with TFA who used J-shaped ESAR feet (19.
The Rx prosthesis for all subjects included ESAR model feet.
In combination with a standardized ESAR foot, the studies observed the effects of varying ankle joint stiffness (i.
observed an increase in walking speed with an ESAR foot compared with a solid-ankle cushioned heel (SACH) foot [9], but Lehmann et al.
Seven other reports found no difference in energy expenditure with the use of the SACH and ESAR feet in persons with unilateral transtibial amputation [7-13].
We analyzed the SARSID integrated database (coordinated by the Department of Community Medicine, University of Hong Kong, on behalf of the Health, Welfare and Food Bureau--derived from the Hong Kong Hospital Authority eSARS system and the Department of Health's Master List), which contained details on all patients confirmed to have SARS and admitted to hospitals in Hong Kong throughout the entire epidemic, that is, from 15 February to 22 June 2003.
The case group included all infected hospital workers in the five hospitals of the New Territories East cluster of the Hospital Authority in Hong Kong who were registered as SARS cases by the Department of Health's eSARS registry and were hospitalized during March 28 through May 25, 2003.
The ESARS data document the employment services (for example, job referrals, counseling) provided to UI claimants from any state Job Service Center.
It took Couch, otherwise known as the Fleetwood Assassin, just 184 seconds to knock out 18-year-old German Simona Lukic at Ca esars Nightclub in Streatham.