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ESASEmbedded Systems and Applications
ESASEdmonton Symptom Assessment System
ESASElectric Steer Assisted Steering
ESASEscola Superior Agrária de Santarém (Portugal)
ESASEnhanced Situational Awareness System
ESASExtraction System of Agricultural Statistics (Canada)
ESASEngineering Semantic Agent Systems (IEEE Workshop)
ESASEuropean Workshop on the Security of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
ESASÉcole Supérieure d'Assistant Spécialisé (French: Specialized Higher School Assistant)
ESASElectronically Steerable Antenna System
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But even some Republicans on the committed conceded that the bill would certainly grant more schoolchildren access to the ESA program, both by broadening the school boundary lines that determine if a student is being served by a failing school and widening the age range at which children can enter the ESA program without having first attended a public school.
Many clients may be more familiar with Section 529 education plans, but an ESA does have some important differences to consider.
ESAS and NZClear are also both designated settlement systems under the Reserve Bank Act.
The increasing prevalence of renal anemia in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) (McClellanet al., 2004) creates high demands for the correction of renal anemia with ESA therapy.
As the first step in environmental due diligence, Phase 1 ESAs generally include an on-site visit to view present conditions, a file search for water quality or soil contamination issues and an examination of chain of title for environmental liens.
Also, Coverdell ESAs must be liquidated within 30 days after the beneficiary turns age 30 (unless the beneficiary is a special needs beneficiary).
* Given that ESAs are intended to reduce the need for blood transfusions, most potential candidates for an ESA have hemoglobin (Hb) levels less than 10g/dL.
In the current study, we surveyed adult patients with renal anaemia to understand 1) the extent to which factors including injection site pain and dosing frequency cause patients concern or discomfort, and influence patient preference of sc ESA treatment and 2) the practice pattern of how sc ESA is used in Australia in terms of the type of ESA received, the frequency of administration, the injection site location and who administers the ESA.
Other approved indications for ESAs include the treatment of anemia associated with chronic renal failure; epoetin alfa has been approved for use with zidovudine therapy in patients who have AIDS and for presurgical administration to reduce perioperative transfusion requirements.
Amgen continues to study ESA risks in oncology patients.
For patients with cancer, the new boxed warnings emphasize that ESAs caused tumor growth and shortened survival in patients with advanced breast, head and neck, lymphoid and non-small cell lung cancer when they received a dose that attempted to achieve a hemoglobin level of 12 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or greater.
The warnings advise health-care providers to monitor red blood cell levels (hemoglobin levels) and to adjust the dose of ESAs to maintain the lowest hemoglobin level necessary to avoid a blood transfusion.