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ESATAEnhanced Serial Ata
ESATAEnterprise Serial Ata
ESATAExternal Serial Ata
ESATAExternal Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (hard disk interface)
ESATAEnterprise Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (Western Digital hard disk interface)
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To resolve these concerns the new eSATA specification was authored by SATA-IO member companies and those members, who build solutions that adhere to the specification.
Technology flexibility -- Seagate also offers a variety of capacity points and compatible interfaces including 1394, USB and the new high-performance, low-cost eSATA interface, and can assist with the development of features such as content protection and enhanced video streaming.
Versatile interface, including eSATA, FireWire 800 and SuperSpeed USB 3.
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0 interface, although some also support highspeed eSATA and FireWire ports.
5" hard disks that work together in RAID 0 configuration to enable burst transfer speeds up to 110 Mbps via integrated eSATA or 80 Mbps via integrated FireWire800 interfaces.
These devices are offered in EIA standard 0603 and 0402 sizes, and they can be used in various end applications that include DisplayPort, WiMAX and cellular base stations, eSATA and other high-speed data and analog interfaces.
Equipped with FireWire 800/400, USB2, and eSATA interfaces, the OWC Mercury On-The-Go 200GB 7200RPM is a bus powered, palm-sized, high performance storage solution.
The result is an ESATA hard drive with a significant cost advantage over SCSI devices.
Thus, using eSATA port 8 channel DVR can be connected to the DAS-arrays, which are effective solution for small and medium-sized archive extension.
The device, which weighs approximately 1lb without any drives installed, also comes built-in with a high speed eSATA connection and can deliver a throughput up to 300Mb/s.