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ESBOEpoxidised Soya Bean Oil
ESBOEpoxidised Soybean Oil
ESBOEuropean Solid Board Organisation (Netherlands)
ESBOEntrepreneurship and Small Business Office (Canada)
ESBOEntrepreneur and Small Business Office (Georgia)
ESBOEnvironmentally Sound Business Orientation
ESBOEasily Sociable Behaviour Online
ESBOEngineering Student Body Organization
ESBOEstrich und Bodenverlegung GmbH
ESBOEngineering Services Business Office (Unisys)
ESBOEstablished Small Business Owner
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These results can be explained by the lower viscosity of DOP which penetrates the outer surface of PVC faster than ESBO in the first stage of plasticization.
The results showed that after the thirty-one day of incubation, the rate of biodegradation of ESO is equal to 10,80%, while the rate mineralization of ESBO is equal to 9.70.
Plasticizers is the biggest application segment of ESBO market.
A survey found ESBO at levels up to 105mg per kg in 66 out of 137 samples.
A Swedish study earlier this year found that ESBO was seeping from the lids of jars into baby food.
Description of an ESBO. An ESBO is a beyond design-basis accident (BDBA) that is most often caused by multiple failures.
It can also be seen that BIMSM elastomer is of the highest purity and contains no antioxidant, oligomer and ESBO.
ESBO is used as a plasticiser and stabiliser in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gaskets of metal lids used to seal glass jars and bottles.
Designation Description PVC An emulsion grade PVC resin, trade name PR-F and P = 1600 Ca/Zn stabilizer A liquid calcium/zinc stabilizer, trade name CZ-10 DINP Diisononyl phthalate ESBO Epoxidized soybean oil TAC Triallyl cyanurate BYK 5025 A liquid viscosity depressant Peroxide Dicumyl peroxide Radical scavenger 2,2'-methylene-bis-(4-methyl-6-tertiary butyl phenol), used as a free radical scavenger Designation Source PVC Formosa Plastics Corp.
ESBO levels were up to 105 milligrams per kilogram.