ESBSElectronic Stability Brake System
ESBSEastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (New South Wales Department of Environment and Conservation; Australia)
ESBSEarl Shilton Building Society (UK)
ESBSEnhanced Separate Brigades (Army)
ESBSÉcole Supérieure de Biotechnologie Strasbourg (French biotechnology school)
ESBSEuropean Skull Base Society (est. 1993)
ESBSEndolymphatic Sac Ballooning Surgery
ESBSEstradiol-Specific Binding Sites
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The fact that the tanker-based ESBs dovetail with NASSCO's growing business of building oil tankers for both ( commercial  and ( military customers --  and allow the company to work off of common designs -- is only going to add to the production efficiencies for the company.
esbs can base mortgage terms on"the personal work position of the borrower", says chief executive Paul Tilley, adding: "People wish to retire at different ages." |
For this purpose, an ESB, with respect to any tax year, is a non-publicly traded corporation, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship with average annual gross receipts for the prior three years of $50 million or less.
Anikwe, who stressed that all hands must be on deck to make sure that the airport was rehabilitated to international standard, said the issue of obstruction by the mast was very dear to the state government, adding that the Managing Director of ESBS has been summoned to return from his meeting in Abuja to start relocating the mast at Ngwo.
Due to the size of the frames holding the screens, frames to hold fyke nets were put into the operating gateslot to recover fish not guided up the bulkhead gateslot and the gatewell by the ESBS or ESTS (Fig.
In addition, the impact of ESBs being able to utilize the R&D credit to offset AMT liability, as well as that of QSBs being able to utilize the R&D credit to offset the employer portion of payroll taxes, was rated impactful for affected businesses.
By doctrine, an ESC is supported by an expeditionary signal battalion (ESB).
This latter reason was cited in 2015 as the most common reason for providing enhanced ESBs and the prevalence has increased since 2014, according to Michael Brough, Director and International Benefits Specialist at Towers Watson in the Middle East.
Dubai: Nearly half of companies in the Middle East provide enhanced end of service benefits (ESBs) for their employees, mainly to retain their key talent, according to a report by Towers Watson, a global professional services company.
In: Environmental Specimen Bank: Exploring Possibility of Setting-up ESBs in Developing Countries, Interdisciplinary Studies on Environmental Chemistry, Vol.