ESCASEuropean Society for Central Asian Studies (Turkey)
ESCASExporters Supply Chain Assurance System (various organizations)
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No other market comes close to the level of ESCAS non-compliance found in Vietnam,
Local acceptance of ESCAS arrangements remains a serious obstacle to supply chain control and there are strong incentives for leakage of animals into the northern provinces of Vietnam and into China,
I am confident their investigations will reveal what has gone wrong and what actions are required to prevent the mistreatment of Australian animals at ESCAS approved facilities in future, Minister Joyce said.
The review of ESCAS would be an extremely costly and repetitive exercise given the review completed in 2015 and the Productivity Commissions current enquiry into regulation of agriculture which includes a particular focus on ESCAS, Mr Groves said.
ESCAS has been the most significant reform the live export industry has ever seen and makes Australia s system the best in the world in terms of animal welfare outcomes.
Working with industry, ESCAS provides us with an opportunity to influence animal welfare conditions in other countries.
ESCAS is a standard that delivers monitoring and control over the welfare of Australian animals in their destination countries, ensuring all facilities meet international animal welfare standards.
A critical welfare feature of ESCAS is that the Australian animals will remain the responsibility of the Australian exporter, even after ownership has technically changed hands in foreign ports.
The abattoir is included in an ESCAS for cattle for an Australian livestock exporter (Elders International Australia Limited).
DAFF has determined the alleged breaches occurred prior to the first consignment of cattle exported to Israel under ESCAS arriving in the country.
It is the responsibility of Australian livestock exporters to ensure they meet the requirements of ESCAS.
Under ESCAS, exporters must ensure that livestock will be handled in accordance with internationally accepted World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) standards up to and including the point of slaughter.