ESCATEarly Self-Controlled Anticoagulation Trial
ESCATEmergency Security Control of Air Traffic
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The robbers, aboard a motorcycle, had blocked Gorgonio, with one of them grabbing the box, Escat said in his spot report.
With his shirt off, the Prince doesn't look in the best shape, which does make you rather wonder what the feline Ms Escat, who favours teeny-weeny bikinis, sees in him.
The initial study, published in 2001 under the eponym ESCAT [I.sup.3], showed that patients who used POCT monitors remained within therapeutic range INR (2.5-4.5 in this patient population) 78.3% of the time vs.
Even so, the ability of the Area Air Defence Commander to meet his responsibilities was hampered by the lack of Emergency Security Control of Air Traffic (ESCAT) arrangements and the non-promulgation of an Air Defence Interception Zone (ADIZ).
Escat reported the first case of spontaneous temporal bone CSF leakage in 1897.
Contact: Mahmut Escat Yalcin (Vice President); tel: 90-4-212-8190-98, fax: 90-4-212-2508.