ESCOPEuropean Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (Exeter, UK)
ESCOPEuropean Society for Cognitive Psychology
ESCOPExperiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy
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purpurea should be used up to eight weeks which may cause severe hypersensitivity reactions, such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, angioedema of the skin, Quincke oedema, bronchospasm with airway obstruction, asthma and anaphylactic shock (ESCOP Monographs 2003; HMPC 2015).
With ICONICS solutions, eScop has reached their goals for the first level of project implementation and achieved project step one completion.
ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative On Phytotherapy) Monographs, second edition, Georg Thieme-Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany EUROPAM, 2010: accessed 26/07/2013
Additionally it is now included in Commission E (Thomsen 2009, ESCOP 1996).
Phytotherapy in paediatrics: handbook for physicians and pharmacists: with reference to commission E monographs of the Federal Department of Health in Germany: includes 100 commission E monographs and and 15 ESCOP monographs.
The company's experts communicate and interact constantly with the major international regulatory authorities, such as the WHO (World Health Organization), the EMEA (European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products), ESCOP (European Scientific Co-operative on Phytotherapy) and the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).
ESCOP recomienda utilizar una dosis diaria de preparados equivalente a 15-30 mg de derivados hidroxiantracenicos (calculados como senosido B), preferiblemente por la noche.
Analizar los remedios vegetales populares mas conocidos en Guadiana del Caudillo (Badajoz, Espana) y compararlos con los de otras poblaciones como la extremena, la espanola y las Medicinas Tradicionales china, india y norteafricana, asi como con el sistema Fitoterapeutico oficial a traves de la Comision E y la ESCOP.
Arnica is used mainly externally for treatment of bruises, sprains, and inflammation caused by insect bites, gingivitis; also for symptomatic treatment of rheumatic and angial complaints; for mild cardiovascular complaints or as a haemostatic in gynaecology (ESCOP 2003, Weiss and Fintelmann 2000, Yakovlev and Blinova 2004).
"Pharmacological and clinical results with Crataegus special extracts in cardiac insufficiency." ESCOP Phytotelegram, 1994; 6:20-6.