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ESCREconomic, Social, and Cultural Rights
ESCRembryonic stem cell research
ESCREnvironmental Stress Cracking Resistance
ESCRElectronic Social Care Records (UK)
ESCREuropean Society of Cardiac Radiology
ESCRExtended Status Control Register (computer programming)
ESCREntente Sportive Le Cannet-Rocheville (French sports club)
ESCRElementary Stream Clock Reference
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Its excellent balance of processability, stiffness, ESCR and organoleptic properties enables resin consolidation for closure manufacturers.
The Philippines on June 7, 1974, became one of the 184 member-states of the United Nations (UN) that ratified the ICESCR, which provides economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) to individuals and groups and guarantees enjoyment without discrimination.
Improvements to ESCR and physical properties such as stiffness and impact strength enable extra lightweighting.
On the other side, ESCR protect socioeconomic aspects of human integrity.
Improvements to ESCR and physical properties like stiffness and impact strength will enable extra lightweighting; reductions in required processing temperatures will help processors save energy and cut cycle times; and even better organoleptics will meet needs for caps that have no effect on the taste of packaging contents (especially important for bottled water).
The ESCR network goes further: form female-led unions, because women are overrepresented among exploited laborers.
Raw Materials, Tropical and Horticultural Products Service (ESCR) Commodity and Trade Division.
See Amrei Muller, 'Limitations to and Derogations from Economic, Social and Cultural Rights' (2009) 9(4) Human Rights Law Review 557 ('Limitations and Derogations ESCR').
[21,20] have proposed "interlamellar failure" as the controlling mechanism of environmental stress crack (ESC), with the concentration of the tie molecules as a factor in ESCR. Brown et al.
This advantage is further enhanced by the improved stiffness and Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) exhibited by BorPure MB5568, which potentially enables additional cap and closure down-gauging with consequent material and production cost savings, as well as contributing to carbon footprint reduction and, therefore, sustainability.
Additionally, the new grade has high stiffness, impact resistance and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), which helps to prevent breakage and potential contamination.
A discussion of the comprehensive experimental results in terms of bottles' mechanical, thermal, and ESCR values is presented.