ESCSElectronic Stability Control System (vehicle handling technology)
ESCSElectronic Supply Chain Solutions (Florida)
ESCSEarly Social Communication Scales
ESCSEuropean Coal and Steel Community
ESCSEscola Superior de Comunicação Social (Portugal)
ESCSEntreprise de Soudure Chauffage Sanitaire (French: Heating Sanitary Welding Company)
ESCSEast Somerville Community School (Somerville, MA)
ESCSEnhanced S-Cone Syndrome
ESCSEnglish School of Communication Skills (Poland)
ESCSElectronic Security Control System (Bridgeport, CT)
ESCSEmergency Satellite Communications System
ESCSEnterprise Strategy Control Structure
ESCSExecutive Search & Consulting Services (California)
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If we anchor discussion on the top-quarter results, the slope can be interpreted as the extent to which schools, both private and public, offset what would otherwise be the decline in scores due to decline in ESCS scores: The flatter the slope, the more successful the offset.
One-hundred-twenty sows were housed during the first period (59 in the TTCS and 61 in the ESCS) and 121 were housed during the second period (63 and 58 in TTCS and ESCS, respectively).
She was also thankful because agencies like Pagcor have been helping realize their dream of a better future through the agency's school building project, which will greatly benefit ESCS.
To calculate an aggregated school SES for each student, we averaged the ESCS scores associated with every student who participated in PISA from a given school.
Todos los indices calculados en PISA, incluido el ESCS, son computados para tener un promedio de cero y una desviacion estandar de un punto para los paises miembros de la OECD; por lo tanto, el indice puede tomar valores positivos, negativos, o cero.
According to Friedrich, ESCS is regularly manufactured for use in the lightweight concrete industry but is also desirable for most green roof media.
ESCS provides forward and reverse logistics for a broad range of electronics products and replacement parts, including computer, major appliance and imaging products.
ESCS Director of Special Projects Rose Hayes said this simple activity has some sophisticated research behind it, research she investigated when trying to find more programs to help encourage early literacy.
No ano de 2007, completou-se o primeiro ciclo do curso de medicina da ESCS, com a formacao da primeira turma de medicos (ciclo completo do curso).
Results of this study within a commercial broiler house with built-up litter over a period of seven flocks indicate that the ESCS significantly reduced airborne dust concentrations by an average of 46% and reduced ammonia by an average of 12% compared to a comparably managed non-ESCS control house.
A separate Decision under the ESCS Treaty and the EU Merger Regulation regarding the planned coal mega-merger which will see Ruhrkohle pool its activities with those of private sector firm Preussag and State-controlled Saarbergwerke in the new Deutsche Steinkohle is awaited by mid-June.
PISA has named this variable ESCS (economic, social and cultural status), and each participating student completes a questionnaire that allows an individual ESCS score to be assigned.