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ESCWAEconomic & Social Commission for Western Asia
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Abu-Ghazaleh and Associates, in collaboration with the ESCWA Technical Center and the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization, prepared a study to identify the most promising investment opportunities in the field of nanotechnology adaptation in the desalination and solar energy sectors.
During its seventh session, the Committee will review a number of themes on the rights of women in the Arab region, the legal , institutional and structural challenges facing them , the major recommendations of the 6 th Session of the ESCWA 's Committee on Women .
L'intervenant a souligne que cet atelier de travail vise a rapprocher les chercheurs des industriels pour examiner les moyens de valoriser les resultats de la recherche et nouer des relations entre la Tunisie et les pays membres du projet ESCWA qui vise a aider les pays concernes a valoriser les resultats de la recherche, a renforcer et nouer des relations entre le monde de la recherche et le monde de l'economie.
The topic of pollution resulting from hydrocarbon fuels calls for special care from those concerned with energy and environment in Lebanon, especially in the transportation sector," said Rola Majdalani, director of Sustainable Development and Productivity Division at ESCWA, adding that the sector uses more than 50 percent of fluid petroleum products.
During the meeting, ESCWA will present the following three studies: Convergence and Economic Coordination in the Arab Region; Sector Policies Harmonization in the Arab Region and the implication on Regional Integration; and a System of Indexes to Assess Arab Economic Integration, followed by presentations by various experts on Arab and African regional integration experiences and country specific experiences.
The Minister said the session would review the activities undertaken by the ESCWA to commemorate the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (2014) and the economic and social repercussions of the Zionist occupation on the Palestinian people in the occupied territory.
The 28th ministerial session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) will be held from September 15 to 18, 2014 in Tunis on the theme of "Challenges and Opportunities of Social Justice in the Arab Region," said a statement from the Communications and Information Unit of ESCWA.
ESCWA is one of fifth UN regional commissions, which Tunisia had joined on September 2012.
While the ESCWA study did not overtly call for removing restrictions of movement, it points out that the biggest hindrance of trade between Arab countries are governments' protectionist measures, "non-tariff barriers and the high cost of transport".
BAGHDAD / NINA / The National Committee for the Transport and Trade Facilitation / ESCWA / held its second meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport on Thursday in the presence of agents of (11) Ministry and (6) of the private sector unions.
This high rate was achieved despite the geopolitical problems in the region, particularly the Syrian conflict, thanks to the swelling oil prices and revenues," ESCWA Chief Economist and Director, Economic Development and Globalisation Division, Abdallah Al-Dardari said.
This unique publication in its groundbreaking information and distinctive preparation process that actively involved ESCWA member countries will provide new insights for future research on shared water resources in the region and will serve as a basis for continuing regional cooperation on water as well as other natural resources that are strategic for this region and often of shared nature," said Roula Majdalani, director of the sustainable development and productivity division of UN-ESCWA, in a statement.