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ESDAexploratory spatial data analysis
ESDAElectrostatic Discharge Association
ESDAElectrostatic Detection Apparatus (forensic document examination instrument)
ESDAEmergency Services & Disaster Agency (Civil Defense)
ESDAElectronic System Design Automation
ESDAEuropean Sexual Dysfunction Alliance
ESDAExtended Spectral Domain Approach
ESDAEuropean Sculpture and Decorative Arts (Metropolitan Museum of Art; New York)
ESDAElectronic Systems Design Aid
ESDAElectrically Small Dipole Antenna
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Nawal Al Haj Nasser, ESDA vice chairperson, said the centre is distinguished by a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals.
Next, we employed ESDA to investigate spatial patterns of institutional and noninstitutional delivery.
These limitations are: (1) spatial data will show some degree of spatial dependence; (2) spatial data often are subject to a modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP); and (3) the assumption of variable data stationarity often is violated across the study area and fueled the development of exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA) methods (Unwin and Unwin 1998).
By examining indentations on handwritten witness statements, Esda enables investigators to form a view about whether the statements are authentic.
(44.) Defence Committee, European Security and Defence Assembly/Assembly of Western European Union [ESDA], Report: The Role of the European Union in Combating Piracy, [paragraph] 46, ESDA Doc.
All statistical analysis was based on GeoDa, a specialized ESDA and spatial regression program developed by Anselin (Anselin, Syabri, and Kho 2006), and all maps were produced in ArcGIS 10 (ESRI, 2012).
Recognizing this, the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA) in its standard ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 eliminated humidification as a primary control method for prevention of ESD events in both manufacturing and processing facilities.
The resort, designed by Foster & Partners and ESDA master planners, includes a 150-metre long jetty that is being reinforced to withstand extreme weather conditions, similar to a storm that hit the area recently, and enjoys a 750-metre beachfront, while the long and narrow property stretches some 5kms inland.
The Friendly Haven Shelter for abused women and their children was established in 1996 as a project of the Ecumenical Social Diaconate Action (ESDA) for those who need a safe place to stay away from an abusive environment because they believe that everyone has the right to be safe.