ESDGCEducation for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (Wales, UK)
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The competition ran alongside the annual ESDGC promotional campaign, which is about the things that people do every day.
Project manager Eileen Merriman said: "The research will also support lecturing of ESDGC topics at the university.
A spokesman for Caerphilly council said: "ESDGC is about making people aware of the fact that their lifestyle choices are linked inextricably to the lives of others all over the world.
Members of this group have made significant contributions to ESDGC in Wales, including leadership (with Swansea University) of the successful 2010 application to the UN for Regional Centre of Expertise status for Wales.
The institute will be a focal point for ESDGC at the University of Wales, both for its alliance institutions and collaborative centres, and has strong faculty support.
The Welsh Government intends ESDGC to become embedded in all university activity, whether study, research or estates management.
The company's staff and learner ESDGC awareness presentation was recently promoted to other work-based learning providers by an awarding body 'as an example of the quality of work being carried out within the sector to promote sustainability'.
ESDGC focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and values of learners, to enable them to make decisions in their lives that promote a more equitable and sustainable world.
Inspectors also reported many providers try to develop ESDGC in isolation from other learning activities, which reduces its impact and effectiveness.
Dr Maxwell said: "Many youth work providers offer a wide variety of good quality projects with a clear focus on ESDGC priorities.
The breadth of ESDGC ensures that no one organisation can adequately span the continuum from environmental education to development education that is ESDGC or include the range of values and attitudes it encompasses.
We will appoint an ESDGC co-ordinator to ensure that this broad-ranging agenda is taken forward with its proper drive and determination.