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ESDIEnhanced Small-Device Interface
ESDIEnhanced Standard Device Interface
ESDIEnhanced System Device Interface
ESDIEnhanced Small Device Interface
ESDIÉcole Supérieure de Design Industriel (French: Graduate School of Industrial Design)
ESDIEuropean Spatial Data Infrastructure
ESDIEuropean Security and Defense Identity
ESDIEnhanced System Device Interface (common but incorrect)
ESDIEuropean Security and Defence Initiative (UK relative to NATO)
ESDIEnhanced Small Data Interface
ESDIEnhanced Serial Data Interface (serial data port type)
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To solve these problems, interoperability, between EHR and EDC systems, was introduced from the third scenario proposed by the eSDI group; in this vision, one-time data entry was employed to simultaneously feed both the EHR and EDC systems.
Appendix: Membership in NATO and the European Union Country NATO EU Austria x Belgium x x Bulgaria x Canada x Cyprus x Czech Republic x x Denmark x x Estonia x x Finland x France x x Germany x x Greece x x Hungary x x Iceland x Ireland x Italy x x Latvia x x Lithuania x x Luxembourg x x Malta x Netherlands x x Norway x Poland x x Portugal x x Romania x Slovakia x x Slovenia x x Spain x x Sweden x Turkey x United Kingdom x x United States x (1) For a detailed examination of ESDI and ESDP up to 2000, see CRS Report RL30538, European Security: The Debate in NATO and the European Union, by Karen Donfried and Paul Gallis.
America must certainly encourage its NATO and EU partners to move forward with the plans laid down for ESDI and ESDP.
[9] While it is generally preferred to only include variables that measure the results of development, the ESDI incorporates measures of the inputs to the results , as the availability of inputs may in fact also reflect development.
Language favoured by Turkey noted previous Alliance decisions on ESDI and acknowledged that this would continue to be developed within NATO.
Mary McKenzie and Richard Rupp detail the competing and often incompatible national designs that have been proffered for both the OSCE and the ESDI.
One element of this is implementing the ESDI within NATO, for example, by developing the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) concept to allow Europe to make better use of Alliance assets.
My ESDi five-door model, with its 1.9L diesel engine, was perfect for a weekend away.
The United States has an interest in ensuring that its core partners remain committed to the Alliance and that greater cooperation in European defense, including a European Security and Defense Identity (ESDI), remains under the NATO umbrella.
Now throw in a liberal sprinkling of data transfer protocols to disks and other peripherals with picturesque abbreviations such as MFM, RLL, IDE, ESDI, ST506, ST412, SCSI and SCSI 2.
The original ST506 and the ESDI were device-level interfaces that required a separate controller, both are now obsolete.